Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unprepared for the Second Trimester Exam

I just sent off my two sons, Ram (5 yrs old) and Em (3 yrs old) to school. Today is their second set of their Second Trimester Exams. Although I didn't review my 3 yr old son for it (I thought it was too much for his age, but I was am eager to find out how he did based purely on his own learning), yesterday found me reviewing my 5-yr old, Ram, for Math, Christian Living, Pilipino and Makabayan subjects. I did, in fact, start reviewing Math to him the night before and halfway through, I started panicking. Oh my! And he's supposed to be ready by Wednesday?? I realized that Ram needed a lot of help with Math. I began to wonder...is the school being too advanced or is this the right curriculum for a Prep student? The Math topics covered place values of tens and ones, expanded forms, addition of 1 and 2-digit numbers, as well as addition of 3 digit numbers with carry overs. It also included the addition table. Hmmm...is it too much? But, since everyone else is doing it and seems to be getting it in his class, I was bent on making sure he would pass the tests, regardless of what I thought. So the next day, Tuesday, was spent on reviewing Math twice and going over the 3 other subjects, which were fairly easy enough. Hmmmm...we'll see how he did...

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